Keynote Speakers

Riham Feshir, MPR

4 p.m. Friday, Feb. 15

Riham Feshir is a reporter at Minnesota Public Radio. Feshir attended the University of Minnesota’s journalism program, where she focused on print journalism and reported for the Minnesota Daily. After graduating in 2008, she worked for newspapers owned by Forum Communications in greater Minnesota and the Twin Cities area. Feshir came to MPR four years ago where she started as an evening general assignment reporter chasing breaking news. She quickly jumped into coverage of police shootings in the Twin Cities and the aftermath of those high profile incidents including the shooting of Jamar Clark and the Minneapolis police fourth precinct occupation that followed. She reported on marches, protests and highway shutdowns, along with other daily news and enterprise stories on various topics including mental health and vulnerable adults.

In July of 2016, another high profile police shooting took place in Falcon Heights. The aftermath of that shooting was broadcast live on Facebook for millions to watch. Feshir covered the story of the Philando Castile shooting and followed the investigation until charges were filed against the police officer, Jeronimo Yanez. Feshir was one of two reporters who covered the trial of officer Yanez for MPR News and the podcast ’74 Seconds.’ The podcast told the story of the shooting, the trial, and the trial’s aftermath. The series examined the legal nuances of the case and the stories of the people involved. It provided context, depth and analysis in an engaging way on a topic that many people across the country were interested in. The team behind 74 Seconds was honored by several institutions and the podcast received several awards in 2018, including the highest award in broadcast journalism, a Peabody. Feshir and two of her colleagues also received a Livingston Award for Local Reporting.  

Feshir is currently reporting on immigration, race and culture.

Jana Shortal, KARE 11

11 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 16

Fifteen. That’s how many years Jana has worked as a journalist for KARE 11 news here in Minneapolis – it is also the same amount of time she has spent wondering if she could ever really be that much needed addition to the now defunct Destiny’s Child. But she’s for sure gonna name her first child Destiny just to get remotely close to that brand.

She is from a town you’ve never heard of but it’s a 40 minute drive from St. Louis. She once sold her ten year anniversary gift from KARE 11 to an ex so she could buy a pair of Air Jordans.

Jana graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia a very long time ago and had it not been for a persistent journalism professor would have spent her adult life driving the Wienermobile.

You can see Jana weeknights on Breaking The News, KARE 11, at 6:30 pm.