Keynote Speakers

4 p.m. Friday

“In the Dark”

Madeleine Baran and Parker Yesko

Meet the investigative reporters who followed the case of a man tried six times for the same crime, a 1996 quadruple homicide in Mississippi. 

“In the Dark,” a podcast from AMP Reports, has received nation-wide acclaim, particularly for its revelation of racial bias in jury selection. 

The podcast followed the case of death row inmate Curtis Flowers as it went before the Supreme Court, which ultimately overturned his conviction.

11 a.m. Saturday

“Denied Justice”

Brandon Stahl and MaryJo Webster

The Star Tribune’s in-depth report Denied Justice documented widespread failings in the investigation and prosecution of sexual assault in Minnesota. It has spurred a series of changes by police departments and county prosecutors throughout the state.

Project reporters MaryJo Webster and Brandon Stahl (now at KARE-11) will describe their work on the series. To produce it, a team of Star Tribune journalists reviewed more than 1,500 sexual-assault reports from law-enforcement agencies across Minnesota and analyzed how the cases were handled by police and prosecutors.

The series also presented firsthand video accounts from more than a dozen sexual-assault survivors.

Bills to change state law on sexual assault are pending at the Minnesota Legislature.

The series has won top honors in public-service journalism. It was named a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and has been honored by the national Society of Professional Journalists.