Saturday Workshops

1-4 p.m.

Everybody knows how to press the record button and point a camera or a microphone. This workshop will show you how to turn video and audio into meaningful, memorable stories. Learn how to make the most of the tools at your disposal—not just technology, but words, your voice, pictures, sound and on-air delivery. We’ll also examine ethical issues and decision-making skills that can enable you to make tough calls on tight deadline. Broadcast professionals will share what they’ve learned, sometimes the hard way.
Scott Libin, University of Minnesota

We typically think of creativity as an external force that we don’t control or an artistic talent that we don’t have. The reality is that creativity is a procedural, programmable characteristic of problem solving. It is a habit, and as such, creativity can be trained. We can improve creatively. The instructors will not only show you what makes us all creative and what simple changes in our creative lives can have the greatest effect, they will run you through a series of creativity exercises that prove a few small steps will have you generating ideas in greater quantity and quality.
Tom Keekley, Olive and Company

Digital Journalism
As technology continues to evolve and expand, journalists and content creators continue to struggle with holistic digital-first practices and workflows. Why are so many college newsrooms stuck in a rut only focusing on the print product and special sections while ignoring additional ways to reach their audience? How can we change the mindset within these organizations?

During this workshop, we’ll discuss thinking about the problem from an institutional and stewardship perspective. We’ll talk about developing ways to overcome these challenges. The reality of the situation is that making this change isn’t a small tweak or addition to your operation you need to be comfortable blowing things up and rebuilding on the foundation of best practices.

Workshop attendees will engage with each other in a hands-on chat about content strategies, platforms, workflows and measuring success (and failure) to determine growth opportunities that will help their student media groups become effective and relevant content curators on the campuses they cover.
Charlie Weaver, Minnesota Daily

If you’re the editor-in-chief, managing editor or section editor – or an aspiring leader who wants to learn the ropes – this workshop is for you. Gain skills for your job by delving into audience analysis, content, management, leadership, engagement and media law. You’ll also learn skills for becoming the leader you want to be and you’ll develop a network with other editors from around the midwest that you’ll be able to tap as you finish the semester.
Ron Johnson, Consultant
Susan Smith, South Dakota State University

Projects Reporting
Planning a series project or investigative series takes time and attention to detail. How do news organizations select which stories to do based on enterprise, analysis and interpretation? A project story can evolve from a news story or just a great human-interest story. Listen to how teams from KARE-11 and the Star Tribune took a tough subject and, through great storytelling, produced a series that made a difference. They will discuss how to make a difference on your campus through project storytelling of your own.